Kitchen Tips of the Day

  1. You can prepare fresh Ghee at home by melting the unsalted butter on gas stove for few minutes till you get the smell of ghee.

  2. Instead of discarding the skin of cardamom you can keep that in your tea container with tea, this will give a soft aroma of cardamom when you will prepare your tea.

  3. If you want to store the wheat flour dough, keep a piece of ginger with the dough and keep in the refrigerator. This will keep your dough fresh and prevent blackening of dough.

Kitchen Tips of the Day

  1. To keep green leaves like spinach, coriander, etc or herbs fresh for longer duration, keep them wrapped in newspaper and store in refrigerator.

  2. To store ginger, garlic or chilli for long time and retain their freshness; grind them into paste, add a little salt (approx 1 table spoon spoon to a cup of paste) and store in chiller/freezer of refrigerator. You can use up to a month whenever you need it, without adding any preservatives.

  3. You can make dal stuffed paratha using the leftover dal of your meals by drying the dal on high or medium heat and stuff the dry dal into the paratha.

Kitchen Tips of the Day

  1. Keep dry fruits in refrigerator to keep them fresh for long time.

  2. To prevent Hakka noodles or raw noodles to become sticky, keep them in cold water after boiling.

  3. To remove the bitterness of Methi (Fenugreek) leaves or Karela (bitter gourd) add salt in the sliced methi and karela and keep them for few minutes and drain excess water.

Kitchen Tips of the Day

  1. If you forgot to soak kidney beans (Rajma) or Grams (chana, chickpea, etc) with enough time in advance, then you can soak them in boiled water for couple of hours. This will have the same effect of soaking for almost 8-10 hours in advance.

  2. You can soak hard/dry lemon in Luke warm water for 10-15 minutes, to get more juice out of it.

  3. Cleaning the Microwave oven is always a challenging task. To make this simple

      1. Take a bowl of water, add 4-5 table spoon of vinegar and lemon into it.

      2. Start the microwave in high temperature and run for 10-15 minutes.

      3. After 10-15 minutes switch off and unplug the Microwave oven and you can easily wipe the tough grease and dirt using a soft cotton cloth.

Kitchen Tips of the Day

  1. Mix 1 cup of wheat flour with 2 table spoon of boric acid powder and sprinkle in the corners of the kitchen, this will keep the cockroaches away.

  2. Use brown sugar instead of white sugar in the preparation of cake, this will give better color to the cake.

  3. Run the mixer/grinder with salt once in a month to sharpen the blades.