(1 कप काजू से बनाये 3 कप स्वादिष्ट काजू )- Kaju Sweets- Cashew Nuts- Kids Recipe

Ingredients –

  • Cashew nuts (Kaaju) powder – 1 cup
  • Sugar – 1/3 cup (as per your taste)
  • Ghee / Butter – 1/2 tsp

Method –

  1. Heat the non-stick pan on medium heat.
  2. Add ghee( 1/2 tsp), sugar and 1 cup water.
  3. Mix well and let the water boil.
  4. Prepare sugar syrup and check with your fingers it should be 1 string.
  5. Once sugar syrup is ready add cashew powder and keep stirring it.
  6. Cook it on medium to low heat.
  7. Keep cooking it for some more time until it becomes thick paste.
  8. Switch off the heat and let it cool down.
  9. Place the mixture on the plastic wrap.
  10. Flatten the mixture with the help of rolling pin.
  11. Cut into moon shape with the help of bottle cap.
  12. Kaju sweets is ready, you can store in refrigerator for one week.

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