Sonth(Dry Ginger) or Gond ka laddu

Winter is here…..and its good to have Gond ka laddu during winter. It gives warmth, immunity and energy to the body. So I am sharing with you. Hope you enjoy… Smile 


Ingredients –

  1. Wheat flour – 4 cups
  2. Dry ginger powder – 2 table spoon
  3. Sugar/Jaggery – 2 cups or as per your taste
  4. Turmeric powder – 1 tea spoon
  5. Dry fruits(almonds, cashew, etc.)- 1.5 cup
  6. Muskmelon seeds – 1 table spoon
  7. Gond / edible gum resin – 1 table spoon
  8. Ghee –2 cup
  9. Black pepper powder –  1 tsp

Method –

  • Add ghee in the pan/kadai on medium flame.
  • Put gond in the melted ghee and fry till it becomes light brown in color.


  • Take out the gond in a bowl, now fry dry fruits till it becomes light brown in color.


  • Take out the dry fruits in a separate  bowl.
  • Add the wheat  flour in a kadai, cook till the wheat flour becomes light brown in color.


  • Take out the wheat flour in a separate bowl.
  • Add ginger powder to the pan, keep stirring and roast the sonth for about 1 minutes.


  • Take out the ginger powder in a bowl, add muskmelon seeds to the pan, cook for few seconds.


  • Grind the dry fruits using a mixer.


  • Put the fried gond in a plate and press it using a rolling pin or mug/glass.


  • Take a large utensil, add all the ingredients, turmeric powder and sugar, mix all together.


  • Take small portion of mixture, roll them into small laddu


  • Gond ka laddu is ready, store it in air tight container.

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