Fruit Custard Recipe – Indian Dessert recipe- Easy And Quick Sweet Recipe

Ingredients –

  1. Milk –500ml or 1/2 litter
  2. Flavored Custard powder-1/4 cup of your choice (or you can take plain custard and add artificial flavors/essence)
  3. Sugar-3/4 cup ( as per your taste)
  4. Fruits (you can take any of your favorite fruits) cut into medium pieces.

Method –

  • Take 1 cup milk and put rest of the milk in the heated pan to boil.
  • Now put custard powder in the remaining milk and stir with a spoon to dissolve it till lumps disappear keep stirring until it becomes a smooth mix is ready.
  • When milk comes to boil, add sugar and custard and mix till it dissolves completely. Keep stirring continuously otherwise it will stick to the bottom.
  • When it becomes little thick you can switch off the heat and allow custard to cool down.
  • Now add fruits pieces and custard into the serving glass.
  • You can serve in room temperature or this will be more delicious if served chilled.
  • Note: When it become cold, the custard becomes more thick/dense, so while preparing make sure to keep this little diluted.

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